Coinage of Commitment
R. Costelloe

Reviewed by Terry Studer
Coinage of Commitment by R. Costelloe is a wonderfully written love story. Nicely detailed, the story goes from being a teen to the college years and trying to understand what love really is.
Wayne Cavanaugh is a young man who knows what he wants and strives to make himself the best he can be. Being intellectual, he can only wonder if love is real or just something blind fate throws our way.
Nancy Hammond is blond and beautiful, rich and classy, intelligent and talented. Being the middle daughter always has it draw backs and she does feel them in so many different ways. Trying to compete for parental praise is extremely hard and Nancy is determined to go the extra mile to be the best she can be and get that praise. Always being in her sisters' shadows is difficult at best. Nancy also wonders just what love is and if there is a list of things to look for in a partner that would make a life long soul mate.
These two young people are thrown together by fate with both coming from different sides of the track so to speak. Upon meeting they find that they both have so many things in common and the ideals of what love really is intrigues them to question and wonder if they do have what it takes to make the perfect couple especially after failed relationships by both that were heartbreaking.
This story is so nicely written that I was able to dive in and enjoy it from beginning to end but I only wish I could have oh so much more. This is not about a light empty headed romance full of fluff but a real down to earth, soul seeking love story that could be compared to some of the great works of literature. Stories such as this are few and far in between and should be savored for the delicious flavor and decadent writing that it contains.
My praise to a budding author who captured the intellectual part of me and made me think of what love and life is really about. Do we settle for what we are given or do we strive to find what or who we feel is the more perfect choice to enjoy what time we have on this earth?
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